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Making physical changes to your home

You may need to adapt or change your home if you have certain needs. For example, if you have reduced mobility, adaptions can make your home easier to live in.

Adaptations can include:

  • Ramps for a wheelchair
  • Grab rails
  • Bathroom adaptations such as a level access shower
  • Stair lifts

AgeUK has more information on adapting your home.

If you've explored adaptations but they haven't worked, you may need to look at alternative housing options.

Your needs

Occupational therapists or relevant professionals can help suggest changes to your home based on your needs.

Occupational therapists work across the private and public sector. You can find a private occupational therapist.

There are different ways of getting an assessment from the public sector.

For example:

  • You can self-refer for an occupational therapist by contacting either your district council or our social care team
  • Someone can make a referral on your behalf (with your permission). This could be a support worker from a housing association, a medical specialist from the NHS, a charity, or friend or family member.

Making the changes

For routine changes, you may be able to find someone to do the work on Trusted Trader.

We have carried out certain checks on these services. You can also read customer reviews.

Financial support

If you meet the eligibility criteria, financial support towards adaptations may be available.

You may not get funding to cover the full costs.

If you own your home

Apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant.

If you have a private landlord

Apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant.

If you live in a council house

Contact your local district council.

If a housing association owns your house

Housing associations may fund some adaptations for their tenants. Contact them to find out.

You can also apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant.

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