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Ending a direct payment service

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If a Direct Payment service needs to end, you must contact adult social care team to let them know. They will then inform the Direct Payments team of:

  • The date the individual is no longer eligible for Council support
  • The date the individual has an extended period away from their main residence in excess of eight weeks
  • Any breaches of the terms of the direct payment agreement
  • The death of the individual

The Direct Payments Support Services Team will then be allocated to support you with ending a direct payment service. This will include:

  • Providing support to end any service with an agency/self-employed worker
  • Where required cancelling any employers' insurance policy
  • Providing support to end PA Services
  • Providing payroll support to make final payments and issue a p45

For any queries please call Direct Payment Customer Services Team on 01603 223392 or email

Please note, if you have a supported bank account or a self-managed bank account, you will still need to ensure that final timesheets or invoices are submitted (in the case of a supported account) or paid (if you're using a self-managed account).

A final audit of your Direct Payments account will then need to be completed by our admin team. The final audit will also calculate whether the client contribution is up to date and whether any funds are owed to the council, or if a repayment is needed if the contribution has been overpaid. For any questions or queries on the audit of your account please email

Self- Managed Bank Account

If you have you have a self-managed account, we can access statements directly via the online portal but may be in touch to request evidence of account expenditure where required. Following completion of the audit, we will automatically recover any remaining funds from the account. We will get in touch with you if you have any concerns about the final audit.

Supported Bank Account

If you have a supported Account, we will liaise directly with the Direct Payment holder/Executor of the Estate with regards to the final audit.

Change of Direct Payment service

Where a change to the Direct Payment is required, such as:

  • An increase/decrease in care hours
  • The loss of capacity of the individual or regaining capacity to consent to a direct payment
  • In relation to safeguarding concerns

The adult social care team will update the care and support plan and share this with Direct Payment services team.

Contact the Direct Payment services team directly to discuss direct payment changes such as:

  • Requiring support to recruit additional employed personal assistant carers to deliver increased care needs
  • Terminating employment of a personal assistant carer
  • Changing from an agency or self-employed service

Email or call 01603 223392.

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