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A vibrant and sustainable economy

A group of people at work in safety gear and helmets having a briefing

As outlined in our Public Health Strategic Plan, we can contribute to Norfolk County Council's ambitions to create a vibrant and sustainable economy. We promote workplace health initiatives for a healthier workforce.

Behaviour change and MECC training 

We offer behaviour change and MECC (Making Every Contact Count) training to workforces across Norfolk.  We want to help their clients to make a behaviour change and make healthy lifestyle choices the social and cultural norm. To find out more visit Behaviour change and MECC training.   

Health and Work 

Norfolk Public Health aims to ensure that everyone in our communities has access to the support they need to live well, age well and work well. Evidence shows that good health and fulfilling work go hand in hand. 

Our Health and Work programme aims to: 

  • Work with employers, small businesses and other organisations to create environments that help you thrive and be healthy at work
  • Work with the NHS, Department of Work and Pensions, other teams in Norfolk County Council, business organisations and VCSE to support people back to work

We've broken down our programme into three themes: 

  • Workplaces: We aim to help business create healthier workplaces.
  • Workforces: We're using data to target our efforts where they're needed most. From helping people quit smoking to providing mental health support, we're tailoring our services to meet the needs of different groups, such as migrant workers and those in the care sector. 
  • Workless: If you're out of work because of health reasons, we're here to help you get back on your feet. Working in partnership, we can provide the support you need to find meaningful employment again. 

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