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Behaviour change and MECC training

By bringing this offer to you we aim: 'To support Norfolk residents to achieve behaviour change to improve their health by promoting healthy lifestyles and supporting them to make healthy choices'

Some of our key objectives to achieve this are:

  • To develop an offer which supports Norfolk workforces. We want to help them support their users to make a behaviour change and make healthy lifestyle choices the social and cultural norm.
  • To make behaviour change theory accessible to a wide and non-specialist audience. We want to enable them to use evidence-based principles in achieving healthy lifestyle choices and goals.
  • To support the wider system by providing resources for professionals and front-line workers. This is to support them to help their clients change behaviour.

To bring you this learning pathway we have worked with:

  • HEE (Health Education England)
  • The team from BCDF (Behaviour Change Development Framework)

We want to ensure key workforces access the training opportunities on this pathway. We also want to work with organisations who want this pathway as part of their mandatory training and development.

The learning pathway levels

There are three levels to our pathway that include:

  • Behaviour change literacy - BCL
  • Behaviour change level 1 - BC1
  • Behaviour change level 2 - BC2

The BC1 and BC2 training will be provided by Healthy Dialogues, expert providers in health and well-being training for frontline professionals.

behind the delivery of this training programme.

Behaviour change literacy (BCL)

The behaviour change literacy course is available as an eLearning opportunity. It's for anyone who has any level of contact with their users or Norfolk residents.

This entry-level knowledge encourages day-to-day use of behaviour change language. Making Every Contact Count (MECC) helps you maximise your engagement with your users. It helps you engage in a health and wellbeing conversation and start to work with your user to achieve a goal.

There are two courses for you to choose in this offer and you can determine which suits your needs for your role.

Behaviour change level 1 (BC1) Making the most of MECC

This is a half-day in-person or online training course. The training provides learners with the knowledge, confidence and skills to:

  • Recognise and manage opportunities to talk about health and wellbeing with individuals
  • Build a rapport with them
  • Help them to set a person-centred goal towards health behaviour change

It also gives staff the tools to signpost people to Ready to Change and other local resources for the support they need.

By the end of the training participants will:

  • Know what MECC is and why it is important
  • Understand what health and wellbeing is in the context of Norfolk
  • Understand basic Behaviour Change theory
  • Be able to recognise opportunities to start a MECC conversation
  • Be able to signpost to Ready to Change

Who is the course for?

Anyone with a front-facing role working with Norfolk residents aged 16 or above, who gets to have brief conversations with people.

Download the Level 1 training brochure (PDF) [340KB]

Behaviour change level 2 (BC2) - Using Behaviour change in practice

The training provides learners with the knowledge, confidence, and skills to:

  • Recognise and manage opportunities to talk about health and wellbeing with individuals
  • Build a rapport with them
  • Help them to set a person-centred goal towards health behaviour change

In this course participants will explore a range of evidenced-based behaviour change approaches and how to apply them.

By the end of the training participants will:

  • Have examined their own knowledge, beliefs and understanding of behaviour change and aspects of their current practice that work well
  • Know the value of collaborative working with their clients and how to do it well
  • Know how to help people to think about their own reasons for change and help them set a goal
  • Know how to manage difficult conversations and support people when they need it
  • Have gained skills and tools to support behaviour change and its maintenance

Who is the course for?

  • Staff who get opportunities for more in-depth conversations with individuals to discuss their health and wellbeing
  • Staff who are able to offer health and wellbeing advice and recommendations to people as part of their role
  • Anyone who's completed the eLearning Making Every Contact Count (MECC) and Behaviour Change Literacy (BCL) courses, or has equivalent training or experience

Download the Level 2 training brochure (PDF) [354KB]

To access our Level 1 or Level 2 courses you will need to contact our training provider. Email 

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