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What happens after you report a concern

Your concern will be handled by the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) who work in partnership with police, probation services and health services to safeguard children and adults at risk from abuse or neglect.

When they receive information about a concern, partners will share information between themselves to decide if:

  • The adult at risk of abuse or neglect has been hurt or could be hurt in the future
  • The adult at risk from abuse or neglect would benefit from support from other people who can help

What if the person has been hurt?

If the adult is thought to have been hurt or could be hurt in the future they will be referred to the appropriate safeguarding or locality team. Information will be shared with the police to help stop or solve a crime.

What if the person has not been hurt?

If the adult has not been hurt but the safeguarding team thinks they would benefit from extra support then their name, address, reason for the enquiry and outcome will be shared with multi agency safeguarding teams who will make sure that they will be offered the services and support they need.

Will I be told if there is a concern about someone in my care?

It will depend on whether the person you care for has capacity (able to make a particular decision for themselves). If they have capacity and do not wish for information to be shared, we may not be able to share it. However, in some circumstances, information can be shared in order to keep that person safe.

Can information about me, or an adult I care for, be shared without my, or their permission?

Yes, if:

  • Someone is being hurt or may be hurt in the future
  • The information may help to stop or solve a crime
  • You or your family would benefit from help and support

Your information will be held in a safe place and will not be shared with other people unless they have the legal power to see it.

Can the person believed to have been abused or neglected see what is written about them?

Yes. The Data Protection Act 2018 lets them ask for a copy of the information held about them. They may request this from Norfolk County Council.