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DBS driver vetting

For drivers and passenger assistants

We check all drivers and passenger assistants intending to work on Norfolk County Council passenger transport contracts, via the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). Once the check is complete a disclosure will be sent to both TTS and the applicant. We'll issue a badge if we are satisfied with the information provided by the DBS.

The cost of an enhanced DBS check is £44 (free for any drivers working on a voluntary basis) plus the administration charge of £10 for e-DBS applications or £20 for paper applications. If registered, your employer will be able to submit an e-DBS application on your behalf.

For operators

The e-DBS system sends the application to the DBS and returns the disclosure electronically, making the whole process much quicker and enabling your staff to be cleared to work on contracts much sooner. The e-DBS system lets you input applicant details and verify their identity. You can then either complete the rest of the application at the same time or the applicant can complete it themselves later by logging into the system again.

To access the e-DBS system, contact us for the login information. 

We would prefer all operators to use the e-DBS system, as it is more efficient and saves paper. In limited circumstances we will accept paper applications but there will be a £20 admin charge. A paper enhanced disclosure application form should be completed in full and returned with one passport sized photograph to us for countersignature. 

We will invoice you for the number of checks undertaken quarterly. Non-payment will result in the removal of your access to the e-DBS system and we will no longer undertake any DBS checks for you unless you pay in advance.

Using a driver or passenger assistant on any of our contracts who has not been approved by us is a breach of the Conditions of Contract for Passenger Transport Services and will lead to immediate termination of contract.

DBS driver vetting FAQs

My badge expires soon - what do I do?

Please contact your operator at least six weeks before your badge is due to expire.

If you are a taxi driver (hackney carriage or private hire) with a district, city or borough council, and you have had an enhanced DBS check done within the last three months, then we may be able to accept this.  If this applies to you, please give your original DBS disclosure document, as well as copies of your taxi licence certificate and ID badge, to your operator, who will then send it to us to consider.  Unfortunately if your DBS disclosure is more than three months old we are not currently able to accept it.  You will then have to apply again, and follow the procedure described in the paragraph below.

If you are not a licensed taxi driver, or you were last checked by the licensing authority more than three months ago, you will need to complete a new DBS application, either online (also known as e-DBS) or on a paper form.  There is no system for automatically renewing a badge, even if none of your personal details have changed – you will still need to complete a full application, as this is a DBS requirement.  If you wish to update the photograph on your ID badge, please provide one passport-style photograph to your operator (with your name clearly printed on the back) or send a photo in by email to, clearly stating your name and who you work for.

Please note that only staff working for operators who have registered for the online DBS system (also known as e-DBS) can apply online. Check with your operator to see if they are registered.

I have lost my badge - what do I do?

Please contact your operator as soon as possible. They will then contact us for a replacement badge. Please note that all badges, including replacements, are sent to your operator - they cannot be sent to your home address.

How much does a DBS check cost?

If you are a volunteer driver, the check is free of charge.

If you are a taxi or bus driver or passenger assistant, then there is a charge. The charge depends on whether you complete the DBS form online or on a paper form. An online application costs £54. A paper application costs £64.

Please note that only staff working for operators who have registered for the online DBS system (also known as e-DBS) can apply online. Check with your operator to see if they are registered. 

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