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Fire safety in caravans

Caravans have different fire risks to buildings – mainly because they are small enclosed spaces and have hazards like gas cylinders.    

Basic fire safety advice

You should always:

  • Fit a smoke alarm
  • Have at least one fire extinguisher, which you should put near the caravan’s exit
  • Make sure the cooker is not left unattended
  • Make sure furnishings and foam insulation are ‘fire-retardant’, which means they don’t catch fire easily
  • Only store safety matches. Vibration could set off non-safety matches
  • Make sure you know the contact details of the local fire and rescue service (opens new window) 

Using gas cylinders safely in caravans

You should take special care when handling gas cylinders. Follow these safety tips:

  • Install a gas detection system, if possible
  • If you think there is a gas leak, turn off all appliances and the main cylinder valve, and open all the doors and windows
  • Change gas cylinders only when they are completely empty
  • Make sure the new cylinder is secure before connecting it
  • When changing cylinders, make sure all cylinder valves are turned off before disconnecting
  • Do not turn on the cylinder valves before the connection is complete
  • Spare and empty cylinders should be kept in the open air and secured by a safety strap or other quick release device