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Public Information Notice - Adult Social Services

Norfolk County Council, 21 September 2022 00:00

Change in Adult Social Services Privacy Notice

Norfolk County Council Adult Social Services is changing its privacy notice so that it can better use data to help identify those who need support.

It means combining different sources of data to help identify needs and risks, allowing the council to better focus its services to those in need.

Currently, the council only uses its own collected data to identify service need, but the change will mean pooling that data with census information, survey data and information from other local bodies. Adult Social Services will use the data to understand the needs of different areas and forecast where additional resources and services may be required.

We may also use a computer algorithm to analyse this data to create a profile of who is most likely to need help and what that might look like, such as pinpointing who might be most likely to have a fall. The computer algorithm cannot make any decisions and any suggestions will always be reviewed by an appropriately qualified member of staff.

The use of data in this way will also not replace the council's duty to complete an individual Care Act assessment. These assessments will continue to be carried out by a trained worker.

Anyone wanting to read the full privacy notice can access it at: 

Last modified: 14 May 2024 12:44

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