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Recycle now - don't waste the opportunity

Norfolk County Council, 21 October 2022 00:00

Recycle Week is taking placing this week (17 to 23 October) with the focus on making sure we are recycling correctly and we are all playing our part in helping to preserve the planet. 

Norfolk County Council is backing the message of this national campaign: 'Let's Get Real' - challenging perceptions and myths around recycling, dealing with different materials, targeting contamination and improving volumes of recycling.  

Great progress has been made in Norfolk in recent years. For example, for the period 2021-22: 

  • Recycling rates increased by 2.1 per cent to 44.2 per cent 
  • Customer satisfaction rates at recycling centres increased one per cent to 83 per cent  
  • Fly-tipping was down by 4.5 per cent to 10,761 reported incidents. 

However, there is still much to be done with some materials that could be recycled simply going to waste. A recent analysis of waste bins  in the county, conducted by the Norfolk Waste Partnership, which found that: 

  • 30 per cent of all plastics found in rubbish could have been recycled in the household  recycling bin 
  • 79 per cent of all cardboard found in general 'residual' waste bins could have been recycled  
  • 99 per cent of glass in rubbish bins could have been recycled. 

Among the myths often peddled are that recycling is difficult or confusing, that putting materials in the wrong household bin just won't matter and that recycling waste makes little difference.

The facts are that following a few simple guidelines will ensure that your household waste will be recycled and correctly disposing of your waste in the right bin could potentially save tonnes of waste from being contaminated. In addition, there are many items that can be separated for recycling at Norfolk's 20 Recycling Centres, such as small electricals, textiles and household batteries.  

Household recycling is making a massive difference - with waste being used in new products, reducing the need for raw materials, limiting the amount that is thrown away and reducing the impact of greenhouse gases which are causing climate change. 

Norfolk County Council Cabinet Member for Environment and Waste, Councillor Eric Vardy, said: "We all need to think about how we dispose of all our waste. There are many simple ways of recycling that are effective in conserving resources and are making a real difference in protecting the environment. 

"The issue of recycling has never been more urgent, and we can all play a part by following just a few simple steps to making a very real impact in reducing greenhouse gases and helping to address the issues of Climate Change. When it comes to recycling, we mustn't waste the opportunity." 

Get tips on reducing your waste.

The County Council provides a free service at our recycling centres for household waste for items such as garden waste, furniture, carpets, general waste, electrical items, cardboard, paper, metals, textiles and cooking oil. Find out what waste we accept at our recycling centres. 

Check out your local bin collections and recycling banks.

Repair, reuse and recycling options across Norfolk are signposted with an innovative search tool Bin Genie (opens new window). 

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