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How to make easy read documents accessible

How to make easy read documents accessible

What is easy read?

Easy read uses pictures and short sentences to help people with learning disabilities understand information. It can also help people who have a low literacy level or who use English as a second language.

Although some people with learning disabilities can read and understand easy read information independently, others will still need help. For example, a carer might use easy read content as a tool to help explain information to the person they support.

Creating easy read documents

Writing good-quality easy read documents is a skilled task.

You should only create easy read documents if you have completed easy read training.

When to use an external easy read provider

If you need an easy read version of a complicated or technical document, you should ask an easy read provider to create this for you. This will ensure that difficult concepts or phrases are explained accurately.

Meeting web accessibility regulations

Easy read documents must meet the same accessibility regulations as other documents we upload to our websites.

If you need to create an easy read document, this guide will show you how to make sure it meets:

  • The needs of easy read users
  • The web content accessibility guidelines

We have created a checklist you can use to make sure documents you or your easy read provider have created are accessible.

Support to create accessible documents

Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team can help you create accessible Word, PowerPoint and PDF documents for a small fee.

They will make sure your documents meet web accessibility regulations and other accessibility needs. This will ensure as many people as possible can access your documents - including people who are blind, D/deaf or who have learning difficulties.

The service is charged in 15 minute intervals and costs:

  • £30 per hour for internal Norfolk County Council customers
  • £99 per hour for external customers

To request this service, contact the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team on

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