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Better opportunities for children and young people

A dad holding his toddler daughter in his arms

One of our Council priorities is to create better opportunities for children and young people. They are also one of our three main areas of focus in our Public Health Strategic Plan. 

We work with families and partner agencies to ensure children and young people are as healthy as possible. We share the ambition that Norfolk is a place where all children and young people can Flourish

Just One Norfolk

Norfolk County Council commissions Just One Norfolk (JON), an NHS website for families. It  provides help, advice and information during pregnancy, birth and the parenthood journey. 

Visit JON for more information on: 

  • Pregnancy and early days
  • Childhood illnesses 
  • Staying safe 
  • Child development and additional needs 
  • Speech and language 
  • Healthy lifestyles 
  • Emotional health 
  • School life 
  • And many other topics 

Drug and alcohol use  

Children, young people and their families  

The Matthew Project helps under 19s in Norfolk affected by drug or alcohol use, whether themselves or a family member.

Visit the Matthew Project Unity website for information.

Over 18s 

Visit the Change Grow Live website for more information.

For more information about support services and contact details, see Drug and alcohol use.

Healthy Child Programme 

The healthy child programme (HCP) 0-19 is an NHS service. It provides: 

The HCP team works with children, young people and families from pre-birth to 19. They provide advice around children's development and support to make healthy lifestyle choices. There are services aimed at:  

  • 0-5-year-olds 
  • 5-19-year-olds 
  • 0-19-year-olds. This includes: 
    • Services for children and young people with additional needs. The team can offer advice and support on a range of health issues at home and school. They will make contact with families every year, to see how they are getting on and discuss any unmet health needs. The team can also offer support to access services in preparation for adult life. If you have a child or young person with additional needs, do contact the service to make sure the team is aware 
    • Referral to specialist services, as required 
    • Solihull online. An online programme to help you understand your child's behaviour 
    • Norfolk positive behaviour strategies (PBS). An online programme for families with children with additional needs 

The HCP team includes: 

  • Health visitors 
  • School nurses 
  • Family public health nurses 
  • Staff nurses 
  • Assistant practitioners 
  • Resilience and emotional health practitioners 
  • Healthy lifestyle coaches 
  • Health child programme screeners  
  • Immunisation team 

The HCP team also works with: 

  • GPs 
  • Midwives 
  • Early childhood and family service 
  • Voluntary organisations  
  • Education settings  
  • Our Children's Services department

Contact the Healthy Child Programme

Call Just One Number on 0300 300 0123 or text Parentline on 07520 631 590. Young people aged 11 to 19 can text Chat Health on 07480 635 060. This is a secure and confidential text messaging service. 

Opening hours are Monday to Friday 8am-6pm (excluding Bank Holidays) and Saturday 9am-1pm. 

Healthy Start Vouchers  

Healthy Start aims to help give children the best nutritional start in life. It's designed to make healthy eating more affordable for mums and babies. 

If someone is eligible, they get a Healthy Start card to use in most places selling milk, infant formula, fruit and vegetables. 

Find out more about the Healthy Start Scheme.

Children and young people immunisations 

Public Health work with families and partner agencies to ensure children and young people in Norfolk are as healthy as possible. 

One of the ways we're doing this is to work with health agencies to improve access and take up of vaccinations and immunisations. 

Vaccinations protect you, your child and family from many serious diseases. They help protect other people who can't have vaccinations themselves too. Some people get mild side-effects, but these usually don't last long. 

Vaccinations are safe and sometimes can get rid of a disease totally. 

Find out more information about baby and childhood immunisations on the Just One Norfolk (JON) website, including the scheduling and number of doses required. 

You can also visit JON for a breakdown of the school age immunisations

Healthy Lifestyles  

We'll promote work proven to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people in Norfolk. This supports the work of the Children and Young People's Strategic Alliance.

The aim is to improve health and wellbeing outcomes as well as reduce health inequalities for children. 

We're also working to ensure there's a joined-up pathway for tackling excess weight in children and young people. 



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