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Local Nature Recovery Strategy

Progress updates

March 2024 

  • The first dedicated Local Nature Recovery Strategy (LNRS) sessions were held for Suffolk and Norfolk 'Supporting Authorities' and the Nature Recovery Partnership.  
  • Production of a project timeline, communications, and stakeholder engagement plans. 
  • The completion of a draft habitat map of Norfolk showing areas of existing importance for nature and wildlife site connectivity potential, to be reviewed by stakeholders during the engagement process. 
  • The development of the first Nature Recovery Partnership website is in progress and will soon be available at 
  • Formation of a dedicated joint LNRS team comprised of staff from both Norfolk County Council (NCC) and Suffolk County Council (SCC) and the Norfolk and Suffolk Nature Recovery Partnership Manager. 
  • Putting governance in place, including collaboration between both SCC and NCC under the Nature Recovery Partnership, and identifying aspects specific to Norfolk and Suffolk County Councils. 
  • Identification of themes as the basis of LNRS working groups in spring and summer 2024. These are:  
    • Land management  
    • Mapping
    • Water and coast  
    • Species and biodiversity
    • Two planning groups (one for each county) 
  • Progressing steering and working group membership. 
  • Active early engagement with a wide range of stakeholders and partners from many sectors, including farmers and landowners, local community partnerships, planning authorities, water companies, and nature conservation bodies. 
  • The development of a public survey to gather baseline information about nature recovery priorities early in the engagement process. 

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