Benefactors Room, Norwich Castle

The Benefactors Room is located within Norwich Castle which was built by the Normans over 900 year ago

Norwich Castle is a working museum. Although the building is open to the public the Benefactors Room is not, so your ceremony will be completely private.

Closure of the Benefactors Room

From 16 September 2019 until further notice the Benefactors Room will be closed. During that time, all ceremonies in Norwich Castle will take place in the Colman Gallery. Find out more about the Colman Gallery. We will update this page when we have more information about the Benefactors Room reopening. 


Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery, Castle Hill, Norwich, NR1 3JU

Ceremony times

Ceremonies take place on the hour from 10am to 4pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, 12pm to 4pm on Wednesdays, and 2pm and 3pm on Sundays


The capacity is for 50 people which includes the two witnesses and a photographer if you are having one, but does not include the couple and the two registrars.

Arriving for your ceremony

The couple and their best man and bridesmaids should arrive 15 minutes before the ceremony begins.  Your guests should also arrive 15 minutes before the ceremony and wait in the dedicated waiting room.

If your bridal car is no larger than a people carrier you can drive over the bridge and park by the Castle entrance.  However, due to space and weight restrictions, if your bridal car exceeds this size you will have to be dropped off at the bottom of the bridge.

If you don’t want to be seen by your partner or by your guests before the ceremony you will need to enter the Castle through the security door to the right hand side of the main entrance.  There is a screened off area with a sofa for you to use.  If you plan on entering the ceremony together you can wait in the Benefactors Room.

The registrar will interview both of you before the ceremony starts.  This is to confirm the details you gave at your notice of marriage appointment.  If you don’t want to see each before the ceremony the registrar can interview you separately.


You must bring your own music to the ceremony with you on CD or your phone.  Wi-Fi is not available. 


You're welcome to use the Castle gardens for photographs. There are some interesting locations in the grounds, including an open air theatre space.


You can throw confetti anywhere in the castle grounds as long as it is bio-degradable.


The Benefactors Room is on the ground floor in the Castle. There is an outside lift from the gardens up to the front door of the Castle.


There is parking at the Castle for the bridal car and there are numerous public car parks in the vicinity for guests, particularly the Castle Mall car park which is on site.

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