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UK Community Renewal Fund


Norfolk organisations can now bid for a share of the Government’s £220m UK Community Renewal Fund to support innovative pilot projects that boost the economy.

Projects should contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gases (with the exception of skills and employment projects) and be largely revenue-based.

Bids should seek a minimum of £250,000 UK Community Renewal Funding, with a preferred bid size of £500,000 plus. All successful projects must be complete and funding spent before the end of March 2022.

Projects submitted for the UK Community Renewal Fund will help inform the design of the longer term Shared Prosperity Fund, which is due to be launched in 2022.

Who can apply?

A range of organisations can submit bids, including:

  • Councils
  • Universities
  • Voluntary and community sector
  • Business support organisations

Download our invitation to bid.

Bid categories

  • Investment in skills
  • Supporting people into employment
  • Investment for local business
  • Investment in communities and place

Priority local authority areas for project delivery

All places in Great Britain are able to submit bids to the Fund. However, the Government has identified 100 priority areas in need of support, four of which are in Norfolk:

  • Great Yarmouth
  • King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
  • North Norfolk
  • Norwich

These places are expected to be the focus for delivery of projects for this round of funding.

In addition, as these four districts collectively represent more than 50% of the area of Norfolk, bids which are countywide (such as employment and skills projects) will also be viewed as relating to a priority area. Bids from outside the priority areas will need to be exceptional to achieve funding.

Up to a maximum of £3 million is available per place, with a split of 90% revenue and 10% capital (mostly revenue bids are expected).

For more information, read the Government’s Community Renewal Fund Prospectus. Please also see our privacy notice to understand how we may use any personal data.

How to apply

Read details about the invitation to bid, and sorts of projects that can applyview the assessment criteria, then find out how to apply.

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