Licences and permits

We administer the following business licences and permits. For information on other types of licence (eg taxi licences, street cafes, or boarding animal establishments) you need to contact your local district, borough or city council.

Civil marriage venues

We can approve the use of venues for the purpose of holding civil partnership and marriages and other non statutory ceremonies such as baby naming and renewal of vows.

Click here for more details on licensing your venue and to request an application form.

Highways works, including skips, scaffold and streetworks

You are legally required to apply to Norfolk County Council for permission to carry out work, roadworks/streetworks or other notifiable activities on the the public highway, or Norwich City Council who act as our agent for roads within Norwich.

Click here for more information on the types of highways licenses and how to apply.

Performing animals

If you exhibit, use or train performing animals, in England, Wales or Scotland, you must be registered with your local authority. Applications must contain details about the animals and the performances they are to take part in. Applications are subject to a fee and an inspection will be required before a certificate is issued.

Apply to register for the exhibition or training of performing animals

Sports ground safety certificates

If you operate a sports ground in England, that holds more than 10,000 spectators, you may be required to hold a safety certificate.

If you operate a sports ground in England, which is not designated as requiring a safety certificate, you will still require a safety certificate for any covered stand that holds 500 or more spectators.

Storage of petroleum spirit

Petrol filling stations and other facilities where petrol is dispensed as fuel into the tanks of internal combustion engines are required to be licensed by the relevant Petroleum Licensing Authorities who will ensure that the necessary safety standards are observed and maintained.

Click here for more details on storing petroleum spirit and to request an application form.