NHS Health Checks

If you are aged 40 – 74 and live in Norfolk you could be eligible for a free NHS Health Check.

As we get older our risk of developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes, kidney disease, stroke and certain types of dementia increases - the good news is they can often be prevented.

Free NHS Health Checks are available to Norfolk residents aged 40 – 74 who have not already been diagnosed with one of the above conditions. You are eligible for a free NHS Health check once every five years.

The check will take about 20-30 minutes, during which:

  • You’ll be asked some simple questions about your family history, and any medication you're taking
  • Your height, weight, gender, ethnicity and age will be recorded
  • Your blood pressure will be taken
  • A simple fingertip blood test to check your cholesterol level

After the test you might be offered any of the following:

  • Tailored advice and information on any individual part of the assessment and your overall risk of developing cardiovascular disease
  • Referral to services to help you to manage your weight and any other lifestyle issues (if required)
  • Referral to your GP for management of cardiovascular risk (as appropriate)

Why have a Health Check?

Having your free NHS Health Check will help you to be better prepared for the future by identifying risks early and taking steps to reduce them. This will improve your chances of maintaining or improving your health as you get older.

Where can I get my NHS Health Check?

NHS Health Checks are available in most GP surgeries (their patients only) and at pharmacies across the county (any Norfolk resident). However your GP or local pharmacy may suggest you book your health check with REED Wellbeing if they are not able to offer you an early appointment.

REED Wellbeing offer free NHS Health Checks in local venues in support of our GPs and pharmacies. Click on this link to book an appointment at a time and place convenient to you.

Book a free NHS Health Check with REED Wellbeing

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