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What happens at an assessment

If you contact us about additional care and support we may decide to carry out an assessment. This will consider what care and support you need and how this affects your wellbeing. 

What will the assessment look at?

Your assessment will:

  • Consider what's important to you in how you live your life, what you’d like to achieve and how you think your wellbeing could be improved
  • Look at what’s good in your life at the moment and who you have around you, like friends and family, who support you
  • Provide information and advice that will help to you to make choices about care and support options
  • Assess whether you are eligible for care and support from Adult Social Services
  • Look at the type of care and support available that could meet your eligible needs and how much this will cost

Everyone’s needs and the ways they affect people’s wellbeing are different.

Get help with your assessment

You may have a lot of difficulty in understanding, weighing up or retaining information, or communicating your views, wishes or feelings.

Therefore a carer, friend or family member can help you and represent you at the assessment if you wish. 

If you don’t have a carer, family member or friend who you can ask, we'll find an independent advocate to help you. They can support you to make your own decisions and may also represent you, including speaking on your behalf. 

We will not charge you for this and it will not come out of your Personal Budget.

What happens after the assessment?

We'll write to you and send you a copy of your assessment. This will explain whether you are eligible for help and the reason for our decision.

If you're eligible, we'll work with you to develop your care and support plan. If you're not eligible, we'll still give you information and advice about what care and support is available to help you locally. This could be help from community groups or voluntary organisations.

Do I need to be assessed if I pay for my own care?

If you arrange care and support yourself, either in your own home or a care home, you do not need to be assessed by the council.

However, even if you are not eligible for financial help from us and are paying the full costs of your care, you may still contact us to ask us arrange any non-residential services for you.

In this case, we'll charge an administration fee that covers our costs of doing this on your behalf.

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