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Direct Payment Support Service

The Direct Payment Support Service (DPSS) team is here to help you if you have chosen to receive a direct payment.

As well as supporting adults and children with direct payments, we also offer support and training for those who work for them as personal assistants (PAs) or carers.

We provide the following services:

  • Employer support, advice and training
  • A Personal Assistant Register and a list of self-employed Personal Assistant carers on the Norfolk Community Directory
  • Payment services (payroll), where we help you with payments to your employee
  • Training for working PA carers, or those who wish to work as one

We’ve also produced two online guides to help you if you are a direct payments employer or want to work as a PA carer. 

You can use these guides independently or with the help of our Support Services Teams. 

For more information about the DPSS team, visit the DPSS Facebook page.

Coronavirus updates

We’ve produced some coronavirus-related information for you if you have a Direct Payment. See our Direct Payment: coronavirus updates page or, if you have a short breaks plan, our Short breaks direct payments: coronavirus update page

The government has produced Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance for people receiving direct payments.

Advice and support for employing a personal assistant carer

You’ll be an employer if you’re a person with care needs or their nominated person who employs (or wants to employ) a carer or personal assistant through their direct payment. Our services can help you find a carer or personal assistant to directly employ.

We've also set up a list of self-employed PA carers on the Norfolk Community Directory that you can search to find one that suits your needs.

Go to employer section

If you want to work as a personal assistant carer

You’ll be an employee if you provide or are looking to provide care services to a person with care needs through their direct payment. We have current vacancies on our Personal Assistant Register which you can sign up to for free.

Sign up to our PA register

If you're a self-employed PA, this section also has useful advice for you. You can advertise your self-employed services by requesting a login to our list of PA carers on the Norfolk Community Directory.

Go to employee section

If you get a direct payment to pay for supported activities

You may be getting direct payments from us but you don't employ a PA.

If you have supported activities only you need to complete the expenses claim form: expenses claim form - Word document or expenses claim form - PDF.

You'll then need to send it to the Direct Payment Client Service Team (DPCST) County Hall, Martineau Lane, Norwich, NR1 2UE or email

If you're looking for short breaks services for children

If you get a direct payment to pay for activities for a child or young person from the Short Breaks Team, please refer to your child’s Short Breaks Plan or contact the Short Breaks Team on 01603 692455

Contact us

Telephone: 01603 223392 


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