Direct Payment Support Service

The Direct Payment Support Service (DPSS) teams are here to help if you or your representative have chosen to receive a direct payment to meet assessed care needs.

If you are an adult with eligible care needs, this would be your personal budget. For a child or young person with special educational needs and/or disabilities, this would be a short breaks budget.

We can help you with:

  • Information, advice and guidance
  • Finding a personal assistant carer
  • Employment support
  • Personal assistant carer training
  • Payment services

Your responsibilities as an employer

Advice on employment issues including rights, insurance and data protection

How to find a personal assistant carer

Support to help you find and recruit a personal assistant carer

Ending a direct payment service

Find out what you need to do when ending a direct payment service

Paying your personal assistant carer

Find out more about the payroll and invoicing support we offer

Working as a personal assistant carer

Find work as a personal assistant carer and know your rights