Bath time


Bath time is the perfect singing time! Ideas for songs are:

  • Down in the jungle (it’s about animals washing their clothes)
  • Five little ducks went swimming one day (Try using some rubber ducks as props if you have them)
  • Five little speckled frogs
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 once I caught a fish alive
  • Miss out some words and see if your child can put them in or try singing the wrong words sometimes
  • To listen to nursery rhymes online, visit the Words for Life website

Learning doing words

  • Bath time words such as splashing, pouring, washing, blowing, floating, sinking
  • Say them as you demonstrate the action and repeat them over and over
  • Comment on what your child is doing – ‘you’re splashing in the water, splash, splash, splash!’

Bath activities

  • Learn body parts
  • Use containers and bath toys, how do they fit together?
  • Explore how you can pour water from them
  • Create some anticipation by making toys fall into the bath – pause before you push them and accompany this with lots of sounds
  • Older children can use bath toys to play imaginatively
  • Play ready, steady, go games – pause before you say ‘go’ and wait for your child to look at you before you say it, or let them say it
  • Play with the bubbles in the bath
  • Pop the bubbles and repeat ‘pop-pop-pop’
  • Talk about if the bubbles are big or small and where they are

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