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London Street/Bank Plain area

Start: October 2019

Completed: August 2020

In May 2019 Norfolk County Council and Norwich City Council put forward proposals through the Transport for Norwich partnership to make changes to the London Street/Bank Plain area of the city using money awarded from the Department for Transport's Transforming Cities fund.

This work builds on recent improvements in King Street, Rose Lane and Prince of Wales Road.

The main aims of the project were to:

  • Provide a higher quality and clearer pedestrian route between Prince of Wales Road and London Street via Bank Plain
  • Provide a high quality, durable surface to the central plain on London Street where Bedford Street, Opie Street and St Andrews Hill meet
  • Provide a high quality public space to the Bank Plain end of London Street (outside OPEN), protected from vehicle access
  • Preserve the original 1967 London Street paving design
  • Enhance the pedestrian experience of London Street and support the future London Street 'Retail Renaissance' aspirations

Works carried out in 2 phases included:

  • Footway widened on western side to incorporate a new shared space loading bay
  • Footway widened on eastern side and new disabled parking bays and motorcycle parking bay installed
  • Upgrading of pedestrian crossing to a new toucan crossing
  • Resurfacing from Agricultural Hall Plain to Queen Street 
  • Pedestrian friendly repaving of Bank Street junction
  • Disabled parking bays in turning area relocated onto Bank Plain
  • Turning area around the tree pedestrianised and resurfaced to improve the aesthetics
  • New seating installed
  • London Street will be re-paved to improve the aesthetics of the area
  • New seating installed around the existing tree pit
  • Removal of car club parking space on Opie Street 

The scheme was approved for construction by the Transforming Cities Fund Joint Committee on 1 July 2019.

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