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Recycling and disposing of paint

Never put liquid paint in your bin. We do not accept liquid paint at our recycling centres except on our annual free household hazardous waste days.

You can put empty paint cans in your bin at home or take them to a recycling centre all year round. Metal cans can be recycled.

Ways you can recycle and dispose of unused paint

Donate it

The best way to get rid of unused paint is to use it up. Offer it to friends, family or for free online on social media and websites like Freegle or Freecycle. 

Dry the paint out

If you cannot use the paint up, you can dry it out. 

Add something absorbent, like cat litter or sawdust. Remember to stir it. Once the paint is completely dried you can put the paint cans in your rubbish bin at home. 

Hazardous waste collection

Some local district, borough or city councils may offer a hazardous waste collection. However, they might charge for it. Find out how to contact your local district, borough or city council. 

Specialist hazardous waste disposal companies

You can search for specialist hazardous waste contractors online. Check they have a waste carriers' licence and where they will dispose of the waste. 

Household hazardous waste days

We hold annual free household hazardous waste days in autumn. You can dispose of household hazardous items such as paint. Read what other household items we only accept on hazardous waste days.

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