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Norfolk Car Free Day

Join us on Sunday, 22 September for Norfolk Car Free Day 2024. This annual event not only promotes sustainable transportation but also transforms our streets into vibrant community spaces, with the hope this may lead to longer term behaviour change.

Why Participate?

Norfolk Car Free Day encourages a shift towards more sustainable living and offers a unique opportunity to reimagine our streets. Whether you want to host a neighbourhood party, create a playful environment for children, or simply enjoy the tranquillity of a traffic-free day, this event is for you.

1. Host a Party 

Turn your street into a party zone! Set up tables, chairs, and decorations. Organise games, music, and food to celebrate with your community.  

2. Create a Play Street 

Designate your road as a safe play area for children. With traffic diverted, kids can ride bikes, draw with chalk, play hopscotch, or engage in other fun street games under the supervision of local parents acting as marshals. This not only enhances physical activity but also fosters friendships among children and adults alike. 

3. Enjoy a Quiet Street 

If a peaceful day is what you're after, take advantage of the car-free environment to relax. Set up reading nooks, yoga mats, or simply enjoy the silence and fresh air. It's a rare opportunity to experience your street at its most peacefully. 

If you live on an AtoBetter Development, you can apply for a £100 voucher to spend on the day. Find out more on our AtoBetter Car Free Day funding page.

How to apply for a road closure

Applying for a road closure is easy and free for Car Free Day.

Deadline: All applications must be received by Friday 23 August.

Play Streets

Play Streets or Street Play is a national initiative that provides a simple, effective and low-cost way for children to be able to play out in the streets where they live.

Local authorities can use their existing powers under road traffic legislation to allow temporary street closures for a one-off event or at regular weekly or monthly intervals, typically for three hours at a time. Local parents and other residents act as marshals, allowing their neighbours to drive to and from their homes at walking pace, while through traffic is re-directed. The result is usually a significant increase in children playing out and making friends on their street. In turn, adult neighbours get to know each other and community spirit grows.

This initiative supports our shared aims to reduce air pollution, congestion on our roads, promote sustainable transport and encourage communities to live active and healthy lives.

Local communities across Norfolk can apply for temporary road closures to support these aims and get an idea of what their street would feel like with less traffic. One idea for making the most of the closure is to use the time for 'Street Play' (opens new window).

Street closure fees for all play streets events are currently being waived by the council but this policy will be kept under review.

Guidance to help you make your application is available below.

All applications for street closures must be received a minimum of 4 weeks' prior to the event date.

Further support

Playing Out (opens new window) is a parent-led organisation in Bristol who offer free resources, advice and inspiration for residents around the UK who want to open their streets for play. As well as instructional videos and a step-by-step 'manual for organisers', you can download template posters and other materials and contact them directly for advice. Playing Out is a growing resident led movement with thousands of people taking action in their communities.

You can connect with this through the Playing Out Facebook page (opens new window) or by emailing

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