Age-related travel pass

You will automatically receive a new concessionary bus pass if you have already had a pass issued by Norfolk County Council.

Start a new online application for an age-related pass

A concessionary travel pass entitles you to free travel on all off-peak services (from 9:30am to 11pm) Monday to Friday and at all times during weekends and Bank Holidays.

Some rural services in Norfolk will accept concessionary travel passes before 9:30am on weekdays.

You are entitled to an age-related concessionary travel pass from Norfolk County Council if you are a Norfolk resident.

If you have moved into Norfolk from another English county, your pass is still valid but we recommend you apply for a new pass from Norfolk County Council.

 If you have moved here from Scotland, Wales or Ireland your pass is not valid for use in England and you will need to apply for a new pass.

To apply for an age-related pass you must meet the following age requirements:

  • If you were born on or before 5 April 1950 - You are eligible for a concessionary travel pass from your 60th birthday
  • If you were born on or after 6 April 1950 - The date you become eligible for a pass will depend on the pensionable age

This is because the age at which residents become eligible for a concessionary travel pass is increasing in line with the increase in state pension age.

To find out when you will qualify for a concessionary travel pass, use the GOV.UK state pension age calculator.

If you apply online your age and address will be checked against national databases and verified. Most applicants are able to submit their application without providing any proof of documentation.
You will need to supply a photograph for a new application. You can take a photo at the time of applying with a webcam or you can upload one from your computer. Instructions and examples of suitable photos are included on the form.

We aim to process your application within 10 working days of receiving your form.

Once processed, passes are usually sent to your home address within 5 to 10 working days.

If you have applied prior to your date of eligibility then your new pass will be delivered up to ten working days before your eligibility date.

Your automatically renewed concessionary travel pass should be with you before your current pass expires.

Notify us if your details or circumstances change. If you do not notify us of an address change four weeks before your current pass is due to expire and we send a concessionary travel pass to a previous address that we have for you, then you will also need to pay £10 to update your details and reissue a pass to the correct address if you still require a pass.

You will automatically receive a new concessionary bus pass if you have already had a pass issued by Norfolk County Council or a district council in Norfolk.

The concessionary pass is valid for free travel on all local bus services throughout England. This includes London buses and rural services, such as Coasthopper.

The pass is not valid on trains or national coach services, such as National Express.

The pass is not valid in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Replacement passes are only printed for passes which were issued within the Norfolk district.  

If you are now living in Norfolk after previously receiving a pass from another county you need to apply for a new pass. If you need a replacement pass for a county other than Norfolk, contact your local council.
If your card was due to expire within the next two months then we may be able to send a replacement pass free of charge.
Otherwise replacement passes for lost, stolen or damaged cards will cost £10, which is payable in advance. Note that this fee is not refundable should a lost pass be found at a later date. We do not require a new photo.
If your pass is still valid the bus driver should still allow you to travel. You do not need a new pass.
If you have any problems with the driver refusing you travel or trying to charge you a fare, call 0344 800 8020 with details of your journey, including the day and time of travel and the name of the bus operator.

If your details change, ensure you let us know so we send any pass related updates, such as expiry warnings, to you.

If your name has changed then your present concessionary travel card remains valid and you can continue to use your card until the expiry date. You can then update your name when you renew your card.

However if you would like a new card, free of charge, showing your new name, then you will need to send recent proof of your new name  and your current concessionary card to:

Concessionary Travel
Norfolk County Council
Martineau Lane

Accepted proof would be a recent copy (in your new name) of:

  • A bank statement
  • Council tax bill
  • Driving licence
  • Doctor’s letter
  • Statement from the HMRC
  • Medical or optical prescription
  • NHS medical card
  • Pension book
  • Utilities bill (not credit card or mobile phone bill)

If you are moving to an address outside of Norfolk you must return your pass to us, advising us that you have moved away from the area. You will then need to apply to the relevant authority covering your new address to issue you with a new pass.

If you need to update your address or contact details, please click here

Age-related bus passes are covered by our ‘Tell us once’ service, so if you have used this service, you will not need to do anything further.

If you have not used 'Tell us once', return the pass to us at the below address with a covering note to explain so we can amend our records:

Concessionary Travel
Norfolk County Council
Martineau Lane