Types of waste we accept

We accept a wide range of household waste at our recycling centres for free, including:

  • Aerosol cans (empty)
  • Bulky waste such as furniture and white goods
  • Cans/tins/foil (washed)
  • Card/cardboard (eg books, greeting cards, washed cartons)
  • Carpets and underlay
  • Cooking oil
  • Electrical items (large and small, non-commercial)
  • Engine oil (used)
  • Furniture - Fitted furniture is classed as DIY waste
  • Garden/green waste
  • Glass bottles and jars (washed)
  • Household bin waste (including food waste)
  • Lightbulbs/fluorescent tubes - For large quantities of tubes, or commercial collection/disposal, contact Recyclite
  • Mattresses
  • Paper (eg newspapers, magazines, directories, envelopes)
  • Printer ink cartridges
  • Scrap metal (eg bikes, dried out empty metal paint cans, sports equipment)
  • Textiles (eg clothes, shoes, curtains, bedding)

If you’re still not sure, check our A-Z list of items we do and do not accept.

Waste you have to pay for

Read more information about these restricted items before you travel: 

What we don’t accept

Read our information regarding hazardous waste (including paint) and fireworks and explosives.

We do not accept asbestos, beer barrels or kegs, ash, clinical waste, medicines, or septic tanks at any of our recycling centres.

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