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Become a Homes for Ukraine host

In Norfolk over 800 households have already generously opened their homes to over 1,900 guests, 670 of whom are children. However, there is still a long way to go, and we need more people in Norfolk to come forward. By becoming a host, you can help provide a home for a family in need and be part of a better future for our Ukrainian guests.

If you have spare rooms at home there are several ways that you can welcome guests through the Homes for Ukraine Scheme. Join the hundreds of people in Norfolk already involved and register your interest today.

  • Host Ukrainians already in the UK - this is also known as rematching. You can also become a respite host and support guests for short periods of time, for example, if their original host is ill, or temporarily out of the country. 
  • Become a sponsor - where you make a match with a Ukrainian yourself and support their visa application.
  • Host a new guest once your initial guest has moved on

Apply to host someone already in the UK (rematching)

Apply to become a sponsor

Support for Hosts in Norfolk

Councils in Norfolk have put together a wraparound package of support for guests and hosts which includes:

  • £500 a month 'thank you' payments for all hosts. This payment links to guests and lasts for 24 months from the time they first arrived in the UK. This is above the national rate which stands at £350 a month for the first 12 months and £500 for the second year.
  • Support with all the safeguarding and accommodation checks needed to become a host.
  • Free Community Help sessions for people arriving in Norfolk from Ukraine, their families, friends and hosts.
  • Information pack to help hosts with settling-in period and the practical steps that guests will need help with, like setting up a bank account and claiming benefits.
  • Welfare visits to support both guests and hosts to help make the hosting arrangement successful and rewarding for all.
  • Support and advice once its time for the guest to move on, or with turning a hosting agreement into a more permanent rent agreement.
  • Regular news up and updates on the Homes for Ukraine scheme and local offers and events.

Find out more

Home for Ukraine: sponsor guidance will help you understand how the scheme works, including:

  • Who can be a Homes for Ukraine host
  • What your responsibilities will be
  • How to make sure the accommodation you offer is suitable

Our  Homes for Ukraine Host Toolkit (PDF) [370KB] can help you understand what kind of support you might need to provide if you are sponsoring someone coming to Norfolk from Ukraine.

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