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Support for people fleeing Ukraine

A close-up of the Ukrainian flag

Everyone who arrives in Norfolk fleeing the war in Ukraine can get support.

If you've come to Norfolk under the Homes for Ukraine scheme

Read GOV.UK's guidance for guests under the Homes for Ukraine scheme. It includes information on applying to the scheme, employment and accessing benefits. The information is in Ukrainian and Russian too.

What to expect in the first few days

We will invite you and your host to International Welcome sessions so you can find out how to get support.

A few days after you have arrived at your accommodation, your local council will contact you to arrange a home visit. They'll can use interpretation services if you need them.

During this visit, they will:

  • Check you're ok and see if you need more support
  • Give you a letter to use as proof of address so you can open a UK bank account (GOV.UK website). Information is in English, Ukrainian, and Russian.
  • Attend with a member of our Children's Services team if you have children. They can offer advice and support on childcare and schools.

After the visit, you'll receive financial support. We'll send you a one-off pre-paid card which will have £200 for each of the guests in your group (eg for you, your partner, children etc). This is to help you with day-to-day living costs. You don't have to pay this back. The card should arrive 5-10 days after the visit.

During your stay with your host

After our first visit, we'll visit you again after about 3 months and then again at 6 months. During these visits, you can tell us if you have any problems or questions. The visits are informal and nothing to worry about.

We'll ask some questions about how you are settling in. For example, about:

  • Any employment, education or training opportunities you have started (or planning to start)
  • What your future plans are (and how we can support you with them)
  • Your finances
  • How you're getting on with your host
  • If you have any concerns about your safety

Read GOV.UK's guidance on how to live with your host and what to do if things aren't working out. Information is in English, Ukrainian, and Russian.

If you feel unsafe or need medical help

 If you're concerned about your host's behaviour at any point, contact us. If it's an emergency, contact the Norfolk police.

If you're concerned about the safety of an adult or child:

Your living arrangements 4 to 6 months after moving to the UK

Talk to your host about your future living arrangements 4 months after your arrival in the UK. This will give you time to decide and prepare for your next steps.

Read GOV.UK's guidance on:

For everyone who has come to the UK from Ukraine

We encourage you to attend our community help sessions. They'll help you find out how to access support.

GOV.UK tell you what you need to know if you're moving from Ukraine to the UK. Read the Ukrainian version of what you need to know if you're moving from Ukraine to the UK. It includes information on jobs, paying tax, getting your child into school and how to access healthcare.

We've listed other support specifically for people arriving from Ukraine (through any scheme) below:

General support




Money, work and benefits




Legal issues

If you need help with a Ukraine legal problem, try:


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