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Local Transport Plan

Our transport plan describes the council’s strategy and policy framework for transport and is used as a guide for investment priorities as well as being considered by other agencies when determining their planning or delivery decisions.

We are currently refreshing our Local Transport Plan so that it covers the period 2020-2036 and have just completed a consultation on the Sustainability Appraisal (including Strategic Environmental Assessment).

Local Transport Plan 4 Draft Strategy

A Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report has been conducted for the Norfolk Local Transport Plan Draft Strategy, Transport for Norwich, Kings Lynn and Great Yarmouth Transport Strategies.

The Local Transport Plan must be accompanied by a Sustainability Appraisal which assesses the environmental, social and economic impacts of the plan, and factors that can mitigate any negative impacts. This document identifies the scope and level of detail of information to be included in the Sustainability Appraisal.

As well as the Local Transport Plan, the County Council is also in the process of developing a number of other transport strategies including the Norwich Area Transportation Strategy, and strategies for King's Lynn, Great Yarmouth and market towns.

The existing Local Transport Plan can be found on these links:

Norfolk Local Transport Plan 2011-2026

Norfolk Local Transport Plan 2011-2026 SEA Monitoring Report 2020

Connecting Norfolk Implementation Plan

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