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Client Hardship Service (CHS)

How to apply

Complete our online application form. This can take more than 30 minutes so give yourself enough time.

You will be asked to:

  • Provide information and evidence of your current financial situation
  • Provide personal and financial information for anyone else who lives with you
  • Supply electronic copies of evidence. Paper copies of evidence can be posted to us if you cannot send an electronic copy

What to gather before you start your application

Get the following information together for yourself and anyone else who lives with you.

If the evidence is not attached or emailed in on the day the application is completed the assessment will be delayed.

  • National Insurance number. We cannot process an application without it. Visit if you have lost it
  • Last two months bank statements for all accounts held within the household. Your bank statement must contain your name & address
  • Details of any debts
  • Details of any savings or property you have
  • Details of any DWP benefits received
  • Universal Credit statement in full, including deductions
  • Payslips
  • Details of any children who live with you including health information and whether you receive Child Benefit
  • Information on any health issues you and/or anyone you live with have
  • If you are moving due to family breakdown or reconciliation, you need to provide details and the name of a professional who could give supporting evidence if required.

Apply for the Client Hardship Service

How to save the online form during the application process

You can save your application at any point during the application process.

However, you must complete it and send it within five days. If you do not complete it within five days it will be deleted from our system.

When you save the form you will be given a code. Without the code you cannot return to the form. It might be helpful to take a screenshot or photo on your phone.

Return to a saved application

Telephone applications

If you cannot complete an online application call 0344 800 8020. We will complete the form with you but you will still need to send us evidence via email or via post.