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Client Hardship Service (CHS)

What happens next

Step 1: Application submitted

When you have submitted an application form to the Client Hardship Service, you will receive notification of your application reference number via email.

Step 2: Application review

Your application will be reviewed to determine whether you have supplied the required information and / or evidence (bank statements, Universal Credit statement, payslips etc).

Based on the review you will receive an email stating 

(a) We require further information as you have failed to submit what was required on the application form, or 

(b)That your application is ready to be assigned to an adviser for assessment, or 

(c)That your application does not meet the eligibility criteria for this service.

Step 3: Assigned an adviser

Your application will be assigned to an adviser, they will contact you by email, phone or text to confirm that your application is under review.

Your adviser will complete further checks based on the evidence you have provided and data held by Norfolk County Council and external organisations. You may be given an appointment time for a telephone assessment.

Step 4: Assessment

Your adviser will contact you to carry out your assessment – during this, they will ask you further information about your circumstances in order to offer / provide the best support possible.

Step 5: Application decision

A decision will be made on your application and you will be notified of this decision in writing via email.

Once your application is deemed complete (satisfactory submission of bank statements and other required evidence), we aim to make a decision within 3 - 15 working days.

Some cases may take longer to process than others, please be patient whilst we endeavour to find the best outcome for you.

If your application is not successful

We will suggest other organisations, schemes or charities that might be able to help you. You can also look on the Norfolk Community Directory to see if there are other organisations who can help.

You can appeal if you want the decision to be reviewed. The CHS manager will do the review. It will take place within 10 working days.

If the Client Hardship Service is made aware that applications have been made with the intention of financial gain, and loss to Norfolk County Council, the matter will be reported to Action Fraud and / or Norfolk Constabulary for investigation.

If the Client Hardship Service is made aware that goods awarded from the Service are being sold for financial gain, we will investigate and this may result in the removal of goods and you may not be permitted to use this Service in future.