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Frequently asked questions

School and college transport application process

I've made an application for my child. How soon will transport be in place? 

During the year, processing an application usually takes up to 10 working days following receipt of a completed form, with any necessary supporting documents.

For applications made for a new school year in September, transport will be in place if the application and all necessary supporting documents are with us by the beginning of August. For applications for a spare seat under our discretionary travel scheme, you may not hear for several weeks as we assess the availability of a seat.

Passes and transport details are sent by 2nd class post. While an application is being processed, parents are responsible for ensuring that their child gets to and from school. We won't refund any costs incurred, unless there is a processing delay or error caused by us.

To check out the status of your application please see our Travel Pass Search.

My child is moving up to high school in September. Do I need to apply for school transport?

If your child is attending their catchment school and you meet the minimum distance criteria, as detailed on our Who can get free school transport page, we'll have received confirmation from School Admissions and we will write to all parents in March, April and May offering transport.

If you don't hear by May half-term then please make a school transport application. Applications made before 31 July will be processed in time for the start of September. However if you apply after 31 July, you should be prepared to make alternative travel arrangements for the start of term as your application may not get processed in time.

To check out the status of your application please access our Travel Pass Search.

Will I need to make a school transport application when my child starts infant, junior or primary school?

Yes, please make a school transport application and we'll assess whether you are entitled to transport.

Please note if you apply after 31 July we may not be able to process your application in time for the new academic year.

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