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Frequently asked questions

Small vehicles or taxis

My child will require a taxi to school, not a bus. How will I find out the details?

If your child has been assessed as requiring a small vehicle, details of the transport provider will be sent to you in good time for you to contact the provider and find out collection times.

If my child is having a small vehicle pick-up from home, how will I know when the vehicle has arrived?

We don't ask drivers to knock, ring the doorbell or otherwise announce their arrival, as they may have other children on board the vehicle.

Families should be looking out for their vehicle and be ready to board as soon as it arrives, in the same way a pupil waiting at a bus stop would be. This includes waiting at the roadside if you cannot see the vehicle from inside your property.

Can I choose what time the taxi collects my child?

No. Due to the majority of transport being shared with others, we cannot guarantee collection or drop off times. You'll be advised of your approximate collection and drop-off time before your transport starts, but this is dictated by the route that the vehicles have to take and can be subject to change.

For primary school age children and children with special educational needs, a responsible adult will be required at the home address for handover. 

Will you drop my child off with no-one at home?

For all primary age children and children with special educational needs, we require a responsible adult to be present when students are dropped off.

It's important you give us and the transport operator all of your contact telephone numbers, including mobile numbers, in case we need to contact you if you're not at home. If you or another responsible adult are not at home, we'll keep the child on board until we can contact somebody and arrange the drop off.

Can you collect or drop off my child from an alternative point, such as my place of work?

We're only responsible for transport from your home address to school and back. In most cases we won't be able to agree an alternative pick up or drop off.

Will the vehicle have a passenger assistant, as my child is very young?

Passenger assistants are only provided where there is a specific health and safety need and not provided purely based on a pupil's age.

Can I travel with my child for the first few days?

We don't transport parents as the vast majority of transport is shared with other pupils. It would be inappropriate for a parent to travel with children from another family.