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Norfolk Youth Justice Service complaints and compliments procedure

Do you have a compliment or a complaint you would like to share with Norfolk Youth Justice Service?

We want all children and young people in Norfolk to be safe and happy. People are all different and we don't always get things right for everyone. We want to hear your ideas on how you think we can work well with you.

We want you to know that you can tell us you are unhappy with something we have done, or if something we have done has upset, worried or confused you. You might want to make a complaint, but you don't have to. You may even want to tell us we have done a great job! This section is to let you know the different ways you can tell us what you think about the Norfolk Youth Justice Service (NYJS).

How can I do this?

If you feel comfortable talking to the person from NYJS who works with you, they may be able to answer your questions and sort any problems out quickly.

If you have tried this but are still unhappy, or if you would rather speak to someone else at NYJS, you can contact us and we will arrange for someone else to listen to you and help you decide the best way for us to deal with what has happened.

You can also make comments or compliment us if you think we have done something well.

What will happen next?

We will let you know we have received your information. If you have said something good about someone or something, we will tell them what you have said.

If you are letting us know you are unhappy with something we have done or that you want to make a complaint, a member of our team will look into it, this will usually be a manager. The person looking into your complaint will want to meet or speak with you to hear what you have to say and try to resolve things for you quickly.

They will always try to do this within 15 working days (3 weeks if you include weekends unless there is a bank holiday).

Making a formal complaint

If the person you speak to has not been able to help you with the problem you have had, or if you think it is serious and needs someone else at the Council to look into it, you can make a formal complaint.

You can do this by asking the person to pass your complaint to the Compliments and Complaints Team at Norfolk County Council. You can also contact the Compliments and Complaints Team yourself:

Compliments and Complaints Manager
Norwich NR1 2BR

  • In person at:

County Hall
Martineau Lane

What if I need someone to help me?

You may want someone to help you make your complaint or to make it for you, and that is okay. If you do not have someone you can ask, we can help you find someone called an Advocate to support you with making your complaint, they won't work for NYJS or the Council and they won't take sides.

You can visit our Compliment and complaint webpage to find more information about making a complaint.

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