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Public Health Commissioning Intentions

Children and young people

Norfolk Healthy Child Programme (HCP)

(A combination of services and partnership approaches to improving the health & wellbeing of children and young people) and Healthy Child Service (integrated provision for all 0–19-year-olds, and their families and carers in Norfolk, offering services including health visiting, school nursing, the family nurse partnership and our Just One Norfolk health resource website).

During 2023/24 we worked to review and update our vision for both the Norfolk Health Child Programme (HCP) and the core public health commissioned provisions of the Healthy Child Service.

Following on from this, during 2024/25 we will:

  • Work to embed changes to our Healthy Child Service model, following our strategic review, ensuring alignment to the Norfolk family hub approach and school zones. As a result HCS staff will be core to the wider system delivery of meeting the health and care needs of our children and young people
  • Enhance and expand the Healthy Start Vitamin provision for mothers and their newborns through our HCS service
  • Work to ensure a blended workforce approach is implemented in the delivery of our services, aligning the skill mix of staff with HCS learning from national pilot work and a shared carer pathway
  • Work to reshape children’s Tier 2 weight management services, taking a whole pathway approach in partnership with providers, commissioners and other key stakeholders on this
  • Lead and learn from the Flourish schools survey about the public health and wellbeing needs of children and young people and use this to help inform and influence the planned work outlined
  • Develop our Healthy Child Programme partnership approach, ensuring this aligns with wider children and young people’s partnerships in Norfolk and adds value to this
  • Further review and consider, alongside our ICB colleagues, how oral health promotion for children & young people can be enhanced
  • Learn from the emerging evidence base in relation to young people’s behaviours in relation to smoking and vaping; working with key strategic partners to ensure that children & young people receive clear guidance and education in relation to the health and other risks.

Young People’s Drug and Alcohol and Affected Others services

Offering specialist support, advice and information for CYP using substances themselves, as well as those affected by someone else's substance misuse).

  • Work to implement and embed the revised service model, commissioned in 2023/24 following completion of our strategic review, ensuring effective transition and supporting the enhanced service offer to be realised
  • Develop the wider children & young people’s drug and alcohol partnership approach; ensuring a shared system response to the needs of children & young people with drug and alcohol related needs in Norfolk.


We will continue to embed Flourish, Norfolk’s partnership strategy for children and young people based on the Flourish ambition, across our commissioning activities, and provide evidence of impact on related public health outcomes.