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Newmarket Road: Phase 1 - Unthank Road to Daniels Road

See also: Newmarket Road Phase 2: Daniels Road to Hanover Road

Dates: January to April 2017

This project makes improvements to the existing cycling facility in the area.

Work included:

  • Widening and resurfacing of the existing shared-use footway/cycleway on the southern (outbound) side of the A11 Newmarket Road between the section opposite the Unthank Road junction and the Daniels Road roundabout
  • Changing the priority at the side road junctions to make journeys more seamless and to encourage greater use of the facility with the following measures:
  • Continuing the footpath across the accesses to 166-172 and 182-186 Newmarket Road to give cyclists priority at these locations
  • Alterations to the existing road markings to denote cyclists priority across the side road junctions and amendments to existing signs

The above measures were discussed and approved by city and county councillors at the Norwich Highways Agency Committee (NHAC) meeting held on 24 November.

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The A11 on Newmarket Road forms one of the main sections of the blue pedalway, an important route that connects Wymondham, Hethersett and Cringleford to the city centre.