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Responsibilities of library card holders

  1. You are responsible for everything borrowed on your card, and for any charges.
  2. You must only use your own card to log on to library computers.
  3. You must not lend your card to other people so that they can use library computers.
  4. You may lend your card to friends and family for some things, for example if they are collecting a reserved item for you.
  5. Cards are limited to one per account holder.  Any attempt to obtain additional cards on purpose is a breach of our byelaws and may result in one or all cards being suspended.
  6. If you lose your card, you will remain responsible for your account until you have reported the card missing to the library. We may charge you for a replacement. For more information visit lost or damaged library cards.
  7. If you change your personal details, you need to let us know. You'll be asked to re-register every three years to confirm that your contact details are still up-to-date.