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Health and wellbeing

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Health services for children and young people with SEND

Health services for children and young people with SEND in Norfolk

Healthy Child Programme services

NHS health and wellbeing services for families of 0-19-year-olds

Just One Norfolk website

NHS health and wellbeing resource website for families in Norfolk

Behaviour and sleep

Advice, guidance and support for behavioural and sleep issues on NHS Just One Norfolk website

Early identification of needs

Health professionals must let us know if a child aged 0-5 has SEND, or is likely to have SEND

Annual health check

Young people with a learning disability, age 14 or over, should have an annual health check

Norfolk key worker service

NHS service that works with families, to ensure that they can access all health and care support and services

Preschool liaison groups

Health and education professionals meet to ensure 0-5 year-olds with SEND have appropriate support

Dynamic support register and care, (education) and treatment reviews

Support for people with learning disabilities and/or autism to make sure hospital admissions are appropriate

Transition between children's and adult health services

Planning for the move to adult health services