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Norfolk SEND survey results 2023 summary

Views on communication


29% of parents/carers said they were happy with the level of communication they receive from people supporting them. 

Most parents/carers receive information online. Places of learning are also a key source of information. 

34% of parents/carers said the information they receive is easy to understand.  

The online resources parents/carers use most are: 

Parents/carers prefer to give feedback via surveys, email/text and face to face. 

Find help: Find SEND support Facebook groups and pagesthat might be useful. Parents/carers can also provide feedback on services via our online forms. Our guide to SEND terms is useful to reference.

We have also produced guidance on writing information that is clear and easy to understand that we encourage all SEND services to follow.  

SEND professionals 

The information resources that professionals know about and use when working with children and young people with SEND included: 

The six other resources that were most known about and used were:

Provision Expected at SEN Support (PEaSS) guidance, the eCourier and training were the resources that were known and used in equal measure by professionals. 

Find help: Sign up to SEND newsletters. 

Children and young people   

Children and young people said they were most likely to speak to family and carers if they needed information to help them. They also selected the following options: 

  • 78% said family and carers 
  • 68% said teachers/tutors 
  • 60% said friends 
  • 57% said teaching assistants 
  • 53% said websites

55% of children and young people said they were happy with the help they received.