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Child in Care (CinC) nurse

All young people coming into care for the first time will have a health assessment. This usually happens within the first 20 days. It will be carried out by a CinC (Child in Care) doctor. 

Where you go for the assessment, depends on where you live in Norfolk. The three main locations are Norwich Community Hospital in Norwich, St James Hospital in King's Lynn or The James Paget Hospital in Great Yarmouth. During the meeting you will be given a health passport and a leaflet.

After your first health assessment, you will be seen by a CinC (Child in Care) nurse to discuss a health plan.

How often will I see a CinC nurse?

After your initial meeting, you will see the CinC nurse every year.

What will we talk about?

You will go through your health plan and talk about your health overall. It is a chance to keep track of your health. The nurse will check whether you eating okay, ask how are you feeling emotionally and will see if you have any concerns about anything.

Where will I meet the CinC nurse?

It is up to you, but is usually something that is decided between you and your foster carer. Many young people will see their CinC nurse at home, but sometimes appointments can be made at school.

How long does a meeting take?

It depends on your needs. You may have no health concerns and everything is going well. Therefore your meeting will not last very long at all. Or you might have a lot you would like to talk about, so it could take a little more time.

Will I have the same CinC nurse every time?

There is a very strong chance that you will continue to see the same CinC nurse at every appointment. Of course, there can be some unavoidable circumstances where staff may move on or retire. You may then see someone new, and would usually be notified by the CinC health team.

Why do I see a CinC nurse and not a normal doctor or nurse?

CinC doctors and CinC nurses have been specially trained to support the needs of children and young people in care. This means that you are their priority.

Your CinC nurse will also have direct links with other people that are there to support you, such as your foster carer, independent reviewing officer (IRO), social worker and your local GP. The CinC nurse will share your yearly health plan with them.

Can I still see a normal doctor or nurse?

You can still see a normal doctor or nurse at any time. You only see your CinC nurse once a year to talk about your health plan.

Why do I need to have these health check-ups by a CinC doctor or CinC nurse?

Being a looked after child means that we (Norfolk County Council) have a responsibility as your 'corporate parent', to ensure you are safe, happy and healthy.

Seeing your CinC  nurse once a year, is a good way to ensure that all your health needs are being met.

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