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Care plan

Your care plan is there to make sure that everyone who works with you knows what you need and what has been agreed. For example, it could include the time you spend with your parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters or other people it's important for you to stay in touch with. It will also talk about what type of family time that will be, and how often it will happen.

Your care plan will also include information on:


This will include what is going well and what you may need some help with. It could set out that you will stay at the same school. Or if you are living too far away or need extra help, that you will move to a different school.

Where you live

It will say what the plan is for your future. For some children and young people this might be that you will stay in care for a while, but if things are safe, you could go home. For others, it might be safer for you to stay in care until you are an adult and able to live by yourself.

It will talk about where you are living now, usually with foster carers. It will say if this is a place you will stay at in the long term. If it is just short term, it will explain what we will do to make sure you get a stable long term place to live that meets your needs.

Your health

Your plan will detail any health needs you have, both physically or with your mental health. It will explain what support and help you will get and who is responsible for making sure this happens.

If you have a disability we will make sure that your care plan includes information about this and we will make sure you have an education and health care plan.

Your wishes and feelings

The plan will explain what your wishes and feelings are and what you feel would be best for you.

Your identity and needs

It will include information about your race and religion and what that means. For example, how people can help you to take part in activities such as prayer times, church or special holidays and celebrations.

It will also explain if you need any special skin or hair care products.

The plan will also make sure that no-one you live with does anything which would make you feel uncomfortable.

The feelings of other people who know you

This could be your parents or other family members. They will be asked about what they feel you need and what would be best for you.

Who is responsible

It will say who is going to be responsible for making sure each item included in your care plan happens and when they will do it by. Your care plan is the plan that is talked about at your review.

Your independent reviewing officer (IRO) will go through the care plan with you and your social worker. This is to check it's working or if anything needs to be changed to make it better. It is very important we make sure you see your care plan and understand what it says. If you can disagree, you can tell your IRO or ask an advocate to help you get it changed.

You should be shown and/or given a copy of your care plan - please tell your IRO or social worker if you have not seen it.

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