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Fire risks

L.I.V.E. Electrical fires and safety

L.I.V.E. guidance and videos help you to ensure your home electrics and appliances are safe

Stay safe with lithium batteries

Lithium battery fires are on the increase across the country, as items such as e-bikes and e-scooters become more popular.

Smoking and fire safety

Advice and guidance on how to avoid the biggest cause of accidental fires in the home

Portable heaters

Guidance to improve fire safety when using portable electrical, gas or halogen heaters

Candle safety

Guidance to help keep you and your home safe from accidental fire when using candles

Carbon monoxide

This poisonous gas can be produced by the incomplete burning of gas, oil, wood and coal

Chimney fires

Guidance to avoid chimney fires

Fire insurance

The importance of home fire insurance


Advice and guidance on associated fire risks for emollient users and those who care for emollient users

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