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Smoking and fire safety

In Norfolk, fires caused by smoking are the biggest cause of death in accidental fires in the home.

The good news is that if you or someone in your home smokes, you can take the following simple steps to prevent this type of fire from happening to you.

Make sure you have a working smoke alarm on each floor level in your home.


  • Double-check that cigarette ends, cigar butts and tobacco from your pipe are not still burning when you've finished with them. It's best to wet them and dispose of them in a metal bin outside the house.
  • Use a proper ashtray - make sure it is heavy and can't tip over and is made of a material that will not burn.


  • Smoke in bed - numerous deaths are caused when people fall asleep whilst still holding a lit cigarette.
  • Tap your ash into a wastepaper basket! Use an ashtray or empty metal bin


  • Smoke if you feel sleepy - or if you've been drinking or taking prescription drugs, again, you could fall asleep whilst holding a lit cigarette.
  • Leave a lit cigarette, cigar or pipe unattended - as they burn down they can end up on the carpet and start a fire!
  • Leave matches or lighters lying around where children can reach them.
  • Leave your ashtray on the armrest of your chair. At the end of the day, make sure you empty them outside in a metal container.

Want to give up smoking?

If you would like to give up smoking you can: Visit the NHS smokefree website (opens new window) or Call Quitline on 0800 00 22 00, or visit the quit smoking website (opens new window).

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