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DBS checks

After your home check, we will carry out an online DBS check. This will be on you and anyone else over the age of 16 registered as living at your property.

These checks are very important. They ensure the safety and wellbeing of the guests you are expecting. You must complete them as soon as possible. 

They are not connected to the visa process. You must complete the DBS checks even if your guests have already arrived

Each person having the check will need their own email address. Our team will email you with an individual link so that you can complete your information online. You can then take the barcodes provided and your original documents to the Post Office for an identification check.

You and your family will need to complete one of the following checks. This will depend on the guests you are expecting.

Basic check

This is for when you are expecting only adult guests between the ages of 18 and 75.

Enhanced check including children's barred list

This is for when you are expecting children aged under 18.

Enhanced check including adult's barred list

This is for if you are expecting adults aged over 75.

Enhanced check including children's and adult's barred lists

This is for if you are expecting your party of guests to include children aged under 18 and adults aged over 75.

We set your check type when we create your account on the DBS system.

You must have all the documents and information you will need to hand when completing your check. Check the list of documents you need for a criminal record check on GOV.UK. This is required to confirm your identity.

Find the nearest Post Office which offers this service online.

Enter your postcode. Then select 'CRB & ID Verification Service' from the 'Service Required' field.

Find out more about this verification service online.

See further information about the Disclosure and Barring Service on GOV.UK

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