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Ukraine: Support for hosts

Financial support for you and your guest

Payments for guests

Following the welfare visit we will send a one-off prepayment card to the lead guest. This will be loaded with £200 for each of the guests in their party, including any children. The card should arrive in first class post, up to five days after the visit. This is to cover their initial day-to-day living costs while they make a benefits claim or find a job. Please think about how you can support your guests before their payment arrives.

Payments for hosts

As a Homes for Ukraine host, you will be able to claim a 'thank you' payment each month.

Initially paid for the first 12 months, the government has now extended 'thank you' payments up to two years. This is so guests who may not yet be ready to move into independent accommodation can stay with hosts for longer, where hosts are willing to extend arrangements.

'Thank you' payments are linked to the amount of time your guest/s have been in the UK, not the amount of time that you have been their host. Payments will automatically end 24 months after your guest/s first arrived in the UK.

In Norfolk we have given extra funding to 'thank you' payments on top of the levels set by government. This means that all our hosts can currently claim £400, increasing to £500 in May.

When your guest has arrived, and the checks and welfare visit are complete, you may download and complete a BACs form (Word doc) [48KB]  with your bank details and return it to us so we can arrange to make the payment directly into your account each month in arrears. You will also need to complete a  Thank you payment declaration form (Word doc) [26KB]. Please return your completed forms to

Which council arranges this payment depends on where you live in Norfolk:

Important points about 'thank you' payments

  • If your guest leaves your property for more than 28 days you need to let us know at We will then arrange for the 'thank you' payments to be cancelled, or paused if you think your guest/s are likely to return. Remember, this this won't extend the amount of time that you will receive a 'thank you' payment as they will stop automatically 24 months from your guest's first arrival in the UK.
  • Once your guest starts receiving benefits or finds employment it is OK to ask for a contribution towards your utility bills. However, you can't ask your guest to pay rent or lodgings if you are claiming a 'thank you' payment. If you need advice on what you can ask for and how much, get in touch with your local council.
  • If you are interested in moving to a longer-term lodging arrangement, your local council can help you to set this up and can cancel your 'thank you' payments when everything is in place.

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