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Now's the time to stub it out

Norfolk County Council, 7 October 2022 00:00

Smokers across Norfolk and Waveney are being encouraged to stub it out this month and feel the benefits to their health - and their wallets.

When you stop smoking, you can start doing so much more. You can move more, breathe more easily, and do more with the money saved. It's a real challenge to quit, but the benefits to your health and wallet are worth it.

Join the thousands of others across Norfolk and Waveney who have made their quit attempt during Stoptober and stuck with it.

Tracy Williams, Queens Nurse and Clinical Lead for Health Inequalities for NHS Norfolk and Waveney, said "It is never too late for you to quit smoking and for your longer-term health to benefit. No matter how long you have been a smoker, there is plenty of support you can access to help you across Norfolk and Waveney.

There are many benefits to stopping smoking: breathing will become easier, you will have increased energy levels, and you also reduce your risk of respiratory illnesses. We know that smoking cigarettes fills our lungs with toxins that have a harmful effect on the immune system.  This leaves us much more vulnerable to infections, including more severe symptoms if we caught Covid-19." 

Bill Borrett, Norfolk County Council Cabinet Member for Public Health and Prevention said: "Quitting smoking is quite simply one of the best things you can do for your health. The benefits start almost immediately, and last a lifetime, but we know just how hard it can be to quit. That's why Smokefree Norfolk is offering one-to-one support and advice, to help people make it through October without smoking. We know if you can make it 28 days without smoking, you're five times more likely to quit for good, so this October is the time to take that first step."

This Stoptober, as we move into a challenging winter with the cost-of-living crisis and our pounds needing to spread even further, there's never been a better time to make your quit attempt."

Did you know:

  • If you make it to 28 days smoke free, that you are five times more likely to quit smoking for good?
  • The average smoker spends £38.59 per week on tobacco. That means if you quit you can save £167.22 per month, and over £2,000 per year
  • It's never too late to quit. Stopping smoking brings immediate benefits to health, including for people with an existing smoking-related disease

Get ready to take the first step

Deciding to quit is the first step, and there are lots of resources and support to take the next steps. You can find help to take the first step by visiting Ready to Change

The Ready to Change website is designed to support you in your efforts to change your behaviour and improve your health. This online tool will help you make small, achievable changes on your journey to better health.

In Norfolk and Waveney, Smokefree Norfolk (opens new window) and OneLife Suffolk (opens new window) offer local stop smoking services and support programmes. These include one-to-one support, stop smoking aids, nicotine replacement options, as well as structured 12-week support options.

The Better Health - Stoptober (opens new window) website has free support tools available, including the NHS Quit Smoking Stoptober app, daily email and SMS support, Facebook Messenger support, Facebook support group and the Personal Quit Plan, to help you find the combination of support to stay quit.

For pregnant women, the MiQuit (opens new window)service provides information, and tailored support and advice for your lifestyle direct to your phone. Find out more at JustOne Norfolk (opens new window) or text the word QUIT to 88010.

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