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Webpages in the Domestic abuse section

How to get help

How to get help if you are experiencing domestic abuse

Things need to change

Watch videos explaining how domestic abuse can take different forms and have different effects.

What is domestic abuse

How to recognise if you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship

Keeping safe

Advice on keeping safe whether you still live with your partner or if you have left

Are you worried about someone else

What to do if you are worried about a friend or family member

Are you worried about your behaviour

Information and advice if you think you might be abusing someone

Support for children and young people

Includes Young people in abusive relationships, Children and young people witnessing abuse and Children showing abusive behaviour

Alcohol, drugs and mental health

Information about relationships between alcohol, drugs or mental health issues and domestic abuse

Information for professionals working with victims of domestic abuse

Includes Encouraging disclosures, Responding to disclosures and DASH risk assessment

Employers and workplace policies

Employer's guidance and domestic abuse policy