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Apply or reapply for a Blue Badge

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A Blue Badge is a parking permit for people who have severe mobility problems caused by on-going and substantial visible or non-visible disabilities. It allows them easier access to goods and services. 


To be eligible for a Blue Badge you must satisfy at least one of the requirements and provide evidence to show you meet the criteria. 

Read more about eligibility  or  complete an eligibility check on the GOV.UK website.

How to apply for a Blue Badge

The quickest and easiest way to apply for a Blue Badge is on the GOV.UK website.

You will go through the step-by-step application process. There are instructions on the documents you need and how to upload them.

Apply for a Blue Badge at GOV.UK

Paper copies of the Blue Badge application form

You can get a paper copy of the Blue Badge application form from all Norfolk libraries.

Find your local library.

Please note: Norfolk libraries only supply paper application forms. They can't help you fill it in.  

If you're sending supporting documents by post do not send the originals. You should send copies of the documents. This is because we scan and then securely destroy supporting documents.

The address to send your supporting documents to is on paper copies of the Blue Badge application form.

Help with a Blue Badge application

If you need to get in touch with us about your application, you can email us at

Family and friends can often help with filling in the Blue Badge form.

Organisations such as the Norfolk Community Advice Network can also help you to fill in the Blue Badge application form.

Supporting evidence you must provide

You must adequately evidence the difficulties you experience whilst walking, this applies to those reapplying for an expiring Blue Badge as well as first time applications.

If we can't verify your application by the documentary evidence or records we already hold, your application will not be eligible. A record of holding a previous Blue Badge is not sufficient to issue another.

Please note that if you applied under a qualifying benefit, under Department for Transport guidelines, the duration of the Blue Badge will be until the end date of that award if it is less than three years. You will need to make a new application and associated payment when this Blue Badge nears expiry.

Cost of a Blue Badge

A Blue Badge costs £10. We'll only take payment if your application is approved.

Reapplying for an expiring badge

You can reapply when your Blue Badge is due to expire at GOV.UK using the same form as for new applications.

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure you apply for your new badge when your current one nears expiry. We do not send reminder letters.

Read our privacy notice to find out how we use any personal information you give to us. If you are completing this application on someone's behalf, please share this privacy notice with them.

Apply for a Blue Badge at GOV.UK

Check the progress of your application

If you have already applied for a Blue Badge you can check the progress of your application on our site. It takes six to eight weeks for us to issue a Blue Badge after we receive your application and all supporting evidence.

If your application is approved, Blue Badges take around 10 working days to arrive after you have made payment.

You will need your reference number to login. The reference number will be 8 characters made up of numbers and letters. Your reference number will be on all emails and letters we send you. Please also check your spam/junk folders for emails from us if you haven't received an update.

Check your progress

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