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Information for Blue Badge holders

You must make sure the details on your Blue Badge are up to date, and that any lost Blue Badges are reported.

Rights and responsibilities

If you are eligible for a Blue Badge you can use it in any vehicle you travel in, whether you are a driver or a passenger.

For details of where a badge can be used you can read about your rights and responsibilities (opens new window).

Lost Blue Badges

If you have lost your Blue Badge you need to download and complete a declaration form (PDF) [169KB] and post it to us at the contact address below. If your current Blue Badge has less than six weeks left before its expiry date you should apply for a new Blue Badge rather than a replacement.

If you find your badge after you have declared it lost you can no longer use it and should return it to us.

Moving home

You can continue to use your Blue Badge but you should notify us of your change of address as soon as possible by completing our change of details form.


There is no separate Renewal Process for Blue Badges. When your current badge is due to expire you will need to complete a new application. Make sure you apply in advance of your badge expiry date to ensure you receive a new one in time. You will need to complete all sections of the application in full as the assessor may not have access to your previous applications.

Name changes

You can use our change of details form to let us know you have changed your name. We require a copy of your marriage certificate or deed poll documents as evidence. A replacement badge with your new name on it costs £10.

Returning Blue Badges

You should return Norfolk County Council Blue Badges to us if:

  • The badge holder has died
  • The badge has expired
  • The badge is no longer needed

If a Blue badge holder dies you will need to return the badge to us at the contact address below. Badges should also be returned if they have expired or are no longer required by the holder.

Customer Service Centre/Blue Badge
Norfolk County Council 
County Hall
Martineau Lane 

Misuse of Blue Badges

It is your responsibility to ensure you use your Blue Badge correctly. We investigate any reports of misuse or fraud and you can view a list of recent Blue Badge enforcements brought against people committing criminal offences.

Non-European Union disabled persons parking badges or permits

If you have a non-European Union disabled persons badge or permit you will need to follow these steps when parking in Norfolk: 

  • Display your in date and valid badge or permit in the vehicle. We won't accept copies of badges or permits.
  • Check and follow the same rules which apply to using United Kingdom (UK) Blue Badges.
  • In certain circumstances, you need to use a 'Time Clock or 'Card' to show your arrival time. Or write your arrival time clearly on a piece of paper then display it next to your parking permit or badge.

We recommend you apply for a UK Blue Badge if you will be staying in Norfolk for a long period. There is a £10.00 administration cost and the Blue Badge remains the property of Norfolk County Council.

Visit the Norfolk Parking Partnership website for more information.

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