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Suicide prevention

Suicide prevention is everyone's responsibility

Whether you work with vulnerable people, know someone who may need some support, or are looking for help yourself we all have a role to play.

The information, tools and resources found here are the results of a county-wide partnership approach to reducing the numbers of those taking their own life in Norfolk.

Help for you

You may be feeling like taking your own life is the only option, but hold off making this decision for now and keep reading.  

There are lots of people, support services and ideas out there to help you get through this. It will feel hard for you at the moment but it won’t always feel this way. This overwhelming feeling might pass.

  • What would take your mind off things? Try going for a walk, doing something outside or listening to music. Use relaxation techniques, or just breathe
  • Think about how you can keep yourself safe, just until you can talk to someone
  • Speak to a friend or family member, someone you trust
  • If you are supported by a professional, tell them how you are feeling
  • Think about the things that are good in your life - the things you enjoy doing, the people in your life that make you feel good
  • Remember – there are people who care about you
  • Try this Safety Diary Plan which can be helpful
  • The NHS have approved digital tools designed to help with mental health
  • Norfolk Five Ways to Wellbeing
  • Time to Change

Talk to someone

Pick up the phone and talk to someone or try one of the free, confidential online support services below:

Affected by Suicide

Information for family and friends

Support and advice for families and friends of someone who may be thinking about ending their life

Information for professionals

Resources and information for professionals supporting people who may be thinking about suicide

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