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Housing with care

Housing with Care provides offers a supportive environment, allowing you to live an independent life within your own self-contained flat, with the reassurance of care and support from a team of care staff who are on site 24 hours a day. There are 17 schemes across the county, most of which are for those aged over 55 or 60.

Schemes are run as a partnership between district councils, housing associations, Norfolk County Council and the care provider. A tenancy is offered to people through an allocation process. You need to have a housing need as well as eligible needs under the Care Act to be eligible for Housing with Care.

Why consider Housing with Care?

There are many advantages to Housing with Care:

  • Each flat has its own bathroom, living space, bedroom and kitchenette, some schemes have accommodation available for couples or for those needing extra support
  • Schemes benefit from gardens, communal areas and a restaurant. Select sites have an on-site cafe, hair salon and/or shop
  • When you rent, you have an assured tenancy which means you have certain rights under housing law as a tenant
  • You have the option to socialise in the communal areas with other residents and join in with activities
  • You can enjoy having friends and family visit you in the comfort of your own home
  • The schemes provide a supportive environment to promote independent living

What care is available?

Each scheme has care provided by either Norse Care or Hales. There is always a member of care staff on duty 24 hours a day to provide care and support when required. Every tenant has a support plan, which is written with their involvement and, if they wish, their families. The support plan explains the help and support they need.The sort of care provided could include:

  • Washing and dressing
  • Help with preparing a meal
  • Getting to, or in and out of bed safely
  • Medication administration

Sometimes people may require more support to remain independent and some schemes have dedicated, ground-floor flats which provide more enhanced care than general Housing with Care accommodation.

Where are the Housing with Care schemes?

You can arrange to view a housing with care scheme by contacting the care scheme manager.

More information on each of the Housing with Care Schemes.

How much does it cost?

It is likely that you may be charged for the care element of your Housing with Care, based on your financial circumstances. Generally, if you have more than £23,250 in savings and investments we will not contribute to the cost of your care, although we’ll still organise and provide the care for you.

For this financial year 2020/21 the maximum amount of Housing with Care would be no more than £567.74 in total, including rent, council tax and care costs per week.

You should be given clear information about what you can expect to pay. In addition to the care costs, you will have to pay your housing costs including rent, Council Tax, and everyday living costs, such as food, heating and lighting. The housing provider will normally discuss your tenancy and assist you in making any claim for Housing Benefit/Council Tax reduction which you may be entitled to.

If you have any queries about charges for housing with care, call our helpline on 01603 222133.

Further information on whether you will need to pay for your care can also be found on our website's care payments section.

How do I apply?

King’s Lynn and West Norfolk District residents

Contact our social care team to ask for a social care assessment for Housing with Care.

If you’re assessed as having a care and support need we’ll arrange for a finance visiting officer either to meet with you at your home.

If you want to discuss costs before the visit, call us on 01603 223911.

Residents of all other districts

Contact your local district council to discuss the application process. You’ll be asked which housing with care scheme you would like to be considered for, but this is not restricted to the schemes in the area in which you currently live.

If your local district council identifies that you have a housing need, you’ll need to contact our social care team to ask for a social care assessment for housing with care.

If you’re assessed as having a care and support need, we’ll arrange for a finance visiting officer to meet with you at your home.

Call us on 01603 223911 if you want to discuss costs before the visit.

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