Computers and wifi

We have 560 computers across our libraries, including 100 at the Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library at the Forum, and there are staff on hand to help.

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We now have free public WiFi access at all of our libraries.  The network will show on your list of available networks as NCC_Library_Wifi.  When you have linked to the network, you will need to log on using your library membership number and PIN in order to browse the Internet.  Logging on implies acceptance of the our terms and conditions

Every library in Norfolk offers:

  • Free internet access (including free web-based email services)
  • Free internet and IT taster sessions
  • Access to online help and online subscriptions via our information service - our selection of quality information sites
  • Computers with Microsoft Office (word processing, spreadsheets and presentations)
  • Computers with multi-card reader and USB ports
  • Screen magnification and screen reader software
  • Photo-editing software
  • Colour printing (A4 only in some libraries)
  • Scanning facilities

Every library offers the following on at least one computer:

  • A4 scanners
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Assistive keyboards and mice


We will also make sure that we use appropriate technology and equipment to ensure that no customer faces an unnecessary barrier to accessing any of our online services.  For example, we will;

  • Set standard default accessibility settings on all our computers
  • Where default settings are not sufficient, we will provide a minimum of one computer in each library has screen magnification and text to speech reading software installed
  • Where customers are unfamiliar with using the software installed, we will put them in contact with an organisation that can support them in the use of the software

Computer courses

If you wish to learn some basic computer skills, check out Learn My Way.  If you have completed a course, we would like to get your feedback about how you found the course, what you have got out it and what difference completing it has made to you, so please fill in our online survey.

Your local library will offer a range of support with IT skills. Ask staff for more information, or visit our webpage I connect.

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